Hanoi & His Lucky Charm!

Feeling lucky today? We know Hanoi is! At 8-weeks-old, Hanoi came into our Locke Community Medical Center from foster care for excessive bleeding from the microchip application site, done the day prior. He had lost a good amount of blood, was lethargic and pale. What could have caused this? Our medical team made quick work of this mystery, and Hanoi’s journey to recovery included a special appearance by a dog previously saved by the medical team!

After a full-body exam and testing, clinic staff concluded that a parasite burden made baby Hanoi super anemic. Hanoi had a protein deficiency, and his clotting factors were low from his anemia. This is what led to the excessive bleeding from such a small injection. The medical team decided it was best to give him a blood transfusion to help replenish his red blood cell count.

Holly, our Locke Community Medical Center clinic manager, happened to bring her dog George to work that day. George and Holly’s touching adoption story was featured last year as he also came to us in need of life-saving care. You could say that Holly was his lucky charm who found her pot of gold in George through adoption! Now it was George’s time to shine, and he happily spared 5cc of his blood to give little Hanoi to help him feel better!

After the blood transfusion, Hanoi was placed on IV fluids. He made improvements and began to feel a little better in just a few short hours. He needed to stay on IV fluids overnight, so Holly and George decided to see the case through and took him home overnight to monitor and continue IV. The next morning, he was bright, pink, and running around barking at a new day! Back to his normal puppy self, Hanoi was reunited with his foster family to continue growing big and strong. Hanoi will be available for adoption shortly, but for now, we are thankful for the quick actions of our foster family, our quick-acting medical team, and of course, Fred SPCA Alumni, George!