Each year, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), compiles and publicizes data from animal shelters, rescues, and organizations around the state. These statistics show, among other things, the number of animals taken in and the number of animals adopted out over the year. Take a look at our numbers from 2017! We are super proud of our 99.9% Live Release Rate!

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Marley¬†arrived to us as a beefy, outgoing boy! He was not made for the shelter life. He was a staff favorite and one of the SMARTEST dogs we’ve ever had. He knew many tricks and was highly trainable! He adored being with humans and playing fetch! Marley kept getting passed by because his kennel presence reflected how stressed he felt cooped up.¬†He would jump in the door of the enclosure, bark, stare down people as they approach, and paced in circles. He lost so much weight that we had to put him on a feeding program. We knew Marley just needed to find the right home – one that had no other animals and someone who wanted a BEST friend – because Marley was definitely a dog that would be by your side! Through our Adventure Tails program and through specialized enrichment from volunteers and staff, Marley became a happier and more approachable dog but he still needed his permanent family. His patience paid off because this long term boy found his long term home in 2017!! He is now the right-hand man to a great family and is as loved there as he was here!