The Fred SPCA is excited to launch our new Behavior Program!
These sessions will feature a CCTBS certified instructor and utilize positive reinforcement to help families overcome undesirable behaviors in the home, and help you with teaching your best friend some basic commands.
*These sessions are for the public and their owned dogs – you do not have to be a previous adopter to attend*



We are focused on creating a strong, positive bond between owner and dog, one driven by mutual respect and the desire to please, instead of fear, intimidation, or dominance, so that your dog will look forward to learning what you want him to do, instead of living in constant fear of doing something you don’t want him to do. 

You and your dog should both enjoy training!


Group classes will meet for an hour for five consecutive weeks, on the same day and time each week.

During group classes, led by our Behavior Coordinator, we will cover basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, watch me, leave it, come, and also discuss how to train good manners, such as walking on a loose leash and avoiding jumping, nipping, and barking. 


Let your pup come meet other pups and people, learn social manners, make friends, and burn off some energy at the Fred SPCA’s new puppy socials!

*Puppy socials are for pups 5 months old and under. Your pup must be up-to-date on DAPPV (parvo) and bordetella (kennel cough), and rabies vaccinations. Please bring a copy of your pup’s medical history. 

Need to get your pup up-to-date on vaccines? Check out our Locke Community Medical Center for affordable options, including our exam fee-waived, twice-monthly vaccine clinics!