(RE)LAUNCHING JULY 19 2024! Looking for a way to spend quality time with pups without lifelong commitment? Adventure Tails invites you to take a dog out for the day! Our program offers a break from communal living for our animals, allowing them to showcase their true personalities while enjoying mental and physical stimulation outside of the shelter environment.

Not only does Adventure Tails benefit our dogs, but it also enriches our community. Participants can bond with our canine companions and make an impact without the pressure of adoption. Plus, by spending time with our dogs, you help us gather valuable insights into their behavior in different settings! 

Since the launch of Adventure Tails, we’ve seen a remarkable 22% increase in adoptions! It’s a simple process – just walk in, present a valid government ID, and sign out a dog (must be 18+). Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting the perfect companion for your adventure, providing all necessary supplies like harnesses, leashes, poop bags, and water bowls.

Join us in giving our animals a well-deserved day out while brightening your own day with some canine companionship! Don’t forget to send pics to [email protected]


Dogs like Hambone can get depressed at our facilities! Adventure Tails has been one of his favorite ways to get outdoors, exercise, stimulate his senses, socialize, and decompress from the chaotic environment that living in a communal shelter-like environment can often come with!

Thank you to Sheehy Subaru of Fredericksburg for sponsoring our 2024 Adventure Tails supplies!