We Provide The Food,
Supplies, And Animal.

You Just Bring The Love.

Foster care enriches the lives of cats and dogs in our care by offering them a place to grow, recover, socialize, or learn valuable skills that will help them in finding success in an adoptive home. Whether you have a lot of pet know-how or have never owned a pet before, we have fostering opportunities that will suit your skill level and help improve your knowledge with hands-on experience!

Our foster care program includes:

-Neonatal Care
-Puppies and Kittens
-Shelter breaks for adult dogs and cats
-Medical and Hospice Care
-Adoption Ambassadors

The Fredericksburg SPCA provides most supplies such as: food, toys, linens, and crates that you will need for your foster. We also provide medical care, a 24-hour emergency line, and general advice and guidance through our active foster community and case managers.

What we need from you:

-Be able to provide basic care and feeding
-Reliable transportation for events and medical appointments
-Adherence to our rules for foster animals
-Be an advocate for your foster! (Pictures, bios, videos and more are needed to get your foster adopted!)
-Engagement in our foster community

Interested in becoming a foster?
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Volunteer Case Manager Team

Can’t foster at the moment, but still want to help? We are building our volunteer case manager team!

If you are interested in becoming a Fred SPCA Foster Case Manager please apply here.