2/21/2018 | Von Young

The update everyone has been waiting on – FAMOUS AMOS!

He goes by many nicknames – Blockhead, Velvety Hippo, Land Seal… but one thing is for sure Amos is the love that brings us together. He has connected animal lovers, shelter workers, vet staff and engaged the community with his story!

Amos came to us with a skin condition caused by allergies and a heart murmur – this wouldn’t  stop him from giving kisses, snuggling with staff and living it up while he was with us!  He was showing great signs of improvement with medicated baths, treatment and a dietary plan to get his skin issue under control. We assumed his time with us would be very short, because Amos is a dog that steals the hearts of everyone he meets. Unfortunately, Amos sustained an injury to his cruciate ligament during one of our enrichment play groups. He naps hard, plays harder, and loves hardest.

This was an unexpected bump in the road for this 3 year old, but we were absolutely determined to not let this stop him from living his best life. We got him x-rays right away that confirmed what we had feared, a torn ligament. We began his journey exploring our options by contacting the Virginia Veterinary Centers Fredericksburg location and securing him an appointment with Dermatologist Dr. Schmeitzel and Surgeon Dr. Broaddus who could give Amos a more in depth look and plan for his treatment.

“Amos presented to the Virginia Veterinary Center for right rear-limb lameness after a play session with his friends at the Fredericksburg SPCA. Kristy Broaddus DVM, MS, DACVS evaluated him and based on her findings, suspected a complete tear of the cranial cruciate ligament.  During this visit, Amos also met with our Dermatologist, Lynn Schmeitzel, DVM, DACVD, who noted a chronic skin condition that will need to be addressed prior to treating his knee.

Left untreated, Amos’ knee injury can result in long-term lameness, pain, and arthritis.  The best chance for his returning to full function and to minimize the progression of osteoarthritis is a TPLO – a surgical procedure that renders the knee more stable in the absence of a functioning ligament. At this time, Amos is undergoing treatment for his skin condition and is on exercise restriction to prevent further injury.

After his upcoming surgery, Amos will spend time visiting our Rehabilitation department, who will create a therapeutic treatment plan, as well as a series of exercises and workouts to help strengthen his leg. The many departments at VVC are looking forward to working together and with the FSPCA to help Amos get back to the rambunctious pup that he was meant to be!”

Phew! Poor Amos! The Virginia Veterinary Center has a ROCKSTAR team who treated Amos like the king he is! Amos didn’t care about their state-of-the-art facilities – he just thought their faces were very, very  kissable! We were so thankful for their kind, gentle staff and their attention to all the details that will make Amos’ surgery and recovery successful!

As you can imagine for a non-profit shelter this was an unexpected cost that came up – but we are determined not to let that stop us from getting Amos the best care. The quote we were given to complete the care needed was $2900-$3200, and the Virginia Veterinary Center stepped up and graciously offered to do the TPLO surgery AND 6 weeks of rehab for $2000!!! We are just over-the-moon thrilled for Amos to be the recipient of their generosity and can’t wait for him to start feeling better! He will be undergoing treatment and rehabilitation with the best of the best and we are just so thankful for the VVC!

Amos is currently in foster care to address his skin issues and get them under control before his surgery. He requires a special diet to help reduce his skin flare ups and we are down to our last couple bags of food for him!


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