Update on the 53 small breed dogs we rescued from the hoarding situation.

5/18/2018 | Von Young

We have been getting a TON of inquiries, interest and support from the community – so we wanted to keep you guys updated! All were placed in foster homes within 24 hours of being in our care. They were initially triaged with our LVT, a volunteer LVT, a handful of staff and a few of our long term fosters/volunteers who gave them intake exams, vaccines, fluids, yummy-nummy dinner and a warm bed until fosters arrived. We are overwhelmed and thankful at the outpouring of support from the community! From the response we know you want to help: so here’s what we need. FOSTERS: not for this particular group, but so we have enough support behind us to continue rescuing vulnerable homeless animals like this. We always need fosters. We cannot say YES to things like this without having a place to put them, and we are often running at max capacity at the shelter! Visit fredspca.org/foster-a-pet to apply to become a part of our #FredFosterFam so that we can say YES more! We supply the food, bedding, medical – you supply the space and love for as long or as little of a time commitment as you want. Sometimes in order to say YES, all we need is a foster overnight until we can find a longer term solution. You can be a part of a life saving story. DONATIONS: As you can imagine, this unexpected event depleted us of much needed items and funding. We are a community-powered non-profit and the only way to do what we do is through the support from you guys! For this particular group, we are in need of grain free puppy food, (wet and dry) and puppy pads. We used up a lot of our Capstar treating all of the dogs on intake, so we could really use a replenishment of that as it’s highly important to killing fleas right away so animals do not go anemic! Those items can all be found on our Amazon Wishlist and sent directly to us! If you check the box that says “this is a gift” and include your name and address in the written message – our animals will send you a special thank you note! Our Wishlist can be found here. We will be using a lot of our funds making sure this group gets spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before being made available for adoption! If you would like to donate towards life saving efforts like this, you can donate to us directly at Fburgspca.org/Donate ! VOLUNTEER: You guys are making us want to cry happy tears with how supportive you are! We have had so many people ask what they can do and how they can help. We need volunteers to come do some task work that piles up quickly when our team is hyper focused on situations like these. Sweeping, dishes, organizing shelves, laundry and simply spending time with our animals to give them socialization and enrichment is extremely helpful. You can email [email protected] or stop in the shelter to sign a waiver. Bring your family, friends, date, school group, boy/girl scouts, work buddies, football team etc and donate a couple hours to cleaning up and cuddling animals! While we need all hands on deck over the weekend for this particular situation – we are ALWAYS in need of volunteers. It’s how we function! You can even sign up to volunteer in the future for our fun offsite events like races, festivals or adoption events! If you cannot adopt, foster, donate or volunteer we sure could use your help spreading the word! The only way our posts are seen are through organic shares, likes and commenting. The more you support us online, the further our reach and the more people we can connect with to save lives! Support can be that simple! Lastly, just to update the masses: These guys are not yet available for adoption.They will remain in their nice, warm, loving foster homes until they are fully vetted! We will definitely make a post when they are becoming available – so keep checking back! From the bottom of our hearts here at the #FredSPCA THANK YOU for all your support and love that you’ve shown us and these dogs! <3 We will continue to fight the good fight, and it can only go up from here! #AdoptDontShop #FosteringSavesLives  #BT53