12/27/2019 | Von Young

Tootsie’s story is about a beautiful dog who has gracefully learned triumph over tragedy since arriving at the SPCA in the summer of 2019. She came through our doors severely underweight and nursing her two day old pups. Her body – which clearly gave everything to grow 7 puppies – needed intervention and TLC, which our staff and foster families were happy help with! Mama Tootsie was placed into a warm and loving foster home with the Martinez Family, which gave her everything she needed to gain weight and thrive

The Martinez family was new the SPCA foster program, and understood the healing powers of companion animals. After suffering their own loss, they were ready to bravely pick up the pieces and let love back in by showing compassion and love to an animal in need.

“My husband and I have always had a huge love for animals. After we had suffered a miscarriage, we wanted to do something to help us heal and to help bring light back into our lives. I contacted the SPCA and shortly after that I was asked to take on a momma and her sweet babies. Before we knew it, we were smiling again, and our hearts were filled with so much love. “

It was through their own pain and experience that they were able to connect with Tootsie on a deeper level, and help heal her through the devastating loss of her babies. One by one, Tootsie lost her babies as they succumbed to fatal genetic heart defects. The reality of animal sheltering is, at times, dark and painful. To have gone through such a loss with their own baby, and then now with their foster dog’s babies, shows the resilience and grace of this family. They could have easily said that this was too painful, and we could have found Tootsie a new foster home to recover in. Instead, they heroically stepped up and saw Tootsies need for love, healing and hope – and they knew just how to comfort her through her loss and bring her to the other side of the pain.

Tootsie wasn’t just suffering the loss of her pups, she was fighting a battle internally as well. Her blood work came back positive for Lyme, Ehrlichia and Heartworm. Tootsie’s loving nature to people never wavered with her health struggles, and our medical team began a course of treatments to get her healthy again. The added expense of multiple vet visits for Tootsies babies and herself, as well as added Lyme, Ehrlicia and Heartworm treatments, combined with a longer length of stay – hits a non-profit like ours hard financially. We would love it if our funds were a constant, unwavering, steady flow – where we could help every sick, special needs or injured animal! We do our best with the resources we have – and we are grateful for every gift made so that we can continue our life saving work.

The Martinez Family went on to say, “ Fostering is something my husband and I want to continue to do because it is one thing that truly can make a difference in our life, as well as in the lives of these animals. We may only get to hang on to these animals for a short time, but we will never forget the love, joy and happiness they bring into our lives. “

We are happy to report that Tootsie is now in a Foster-To-Adopt home as she waits to go through her full course of Heartworm treatment! She is getting the help she needs because of your donations, and the love of our community who show their compassionate actions through volunteering, fostering or adoption!

As 2019 draws to a close, we want to invite you to give a gift to help dogs like Tootsie. Dogs and cats who need a little extra help to write a great ending to their story. Let’s make 2020 the most impactful year to needy animals in our community! New year – new THEM, thanks to YOU! Make a gift and change a life TODAY!