9/13/2019 | Von Young

Did you know that the Fred SPCA receives no government funding, and every single thing we do is through the kind donation of our community? Sure, we hustle and grind in our offices in order to receive amazing grants when available, but it sure does cost a lot to become the communities first and only Animal Resource Center! We at the Fred SPCA believe in community based programs that allow pets to stay with the people who love them. We not only take in thousands of animals per year, raising funds for the cost of care, medical supplies and more while they are with us, but we help people and their already owned animals through programs that we have created. Keeping animals from ever having to enter a shelter through developed programs to assist them is how we are building our foundations. We have implemented a behavior team, a medical team that assists in facility animals and owned animals at low cost, a onsite and deliverable Pet Pantry, medical assistance and more! The art of keeping an animal welfare organizations doors open and staffed are daunting enough without the added programs that we know the community needs. That’s  where our community shines, and they may not even realize it! All of our funding is made through donations, and fundraising. You are saving lives by making birthday fundraisers through Facebook, showing up to our events, or making donations. We have started the FredSPCA PACK as a new monthly donor program to ensure we can do what we do best – save lives! You can help by becoming a part of our mission!

What’s the Pack, you may ask? Our new name for the SPCA’s community of online monthly donors. The Pack is POWERFUL, because the steady income from recurring donations means economic security, and economic security means more lives, both animal and human – are changed for the better EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We can expand both our reach and the range of services we provide, helping more animals and families than ever before while also being able to immediately respond to unexpected emergencies where large amounts of animals need urgent care.
Join the FREDSPCA PACK today! Your donation makes a lasting impact, helping the Fred SPCA to save lives Every Single Day.  All monthly donors who sign up to make an ImPACKt receive FredSPCA Pack car magnet!