Sleepover/Weekend Foster Program Press Release
Use: Immediate
Agency: Fredericksburg SPCA

2/7/2018 | Von Young

The Fredericksburg SPCA Invites the Public to Have a Sleepover with a Shelter Dog

(Fredericksburg, VA) The Fredericksburg SPCA is giving the public a chance to take shelter dogs on sleepovers through its Sleepover program. Participants can take a dog home for the night (or a weekend) and get to know them in a home environment.


The Sleepover program was created in order to help reduce kennel stress, provide dogs with enrichment and increase their visibility in the community. Sleepovers are a great excuse to spend a weekend doing something new or exploring Fredericksburg.

“Animals can get depressed and experience mental deterioration within 7 – 14 days of being in a shelter environment. Fostering short term through a sleepover program is a new way to get outdoors, exercise, stimulate senses, socialize and decompress from the chaotic environment that living in a communal shelter-like environment can often come with!”

– Von Young, Communications Coordinator, Fredericksburg SPCA


The program was designed to make it easy for the community to participate, so signing up is easy. Participants will be provided with everything they need for a successful sleepover.

Individuals interested in the Sleepover program should apply through filling out the foster form at


Similar programs at shelters across the country have been enormously successful, and Fredericksburg SPCA is excited to introduce this to the community.