HAPPY TAILS: Uncle Boris

Last year the Fred SPCA took in a very special dog named Uncle Boris. He was a popular guy who was adored by his foster families, staff, volunteers, and loved going on Adventure Tails! He was a quirky senior pup with no teeth and seemingly deaf who couldn’t hear himself bay and howl through the shelter corridors.

He ended up a-woo-wooing his way into a new family’s heart in July of last year, and they have been incredibly kind and happily provided updates to his previous foster mom! Uncle Boris is now renamed Hank, which we think is perfectly fitting for this dapper dude! 

“He’s [Hank] a total clown when it comes to the toy box and has to have certain toys in his downstairs bed, certain ones upstairs, and certain ones in his crate for night time. We are wildly entertained by his toy antics! Elsa is his favorite crate stuffy. He also has a whole cast of others in there at all times, but something about Elsa. He just loves her! He’s just the sweetest, most interesting, most snuggly pup. We would be lost without him. As empty-nesters, the three of these boys together are like our actual children. 

After getting treatment for chronic ear infections, he’s even gotten a little bit of hearing back! He can hear claps and whistles. Bagel (his brother) has a super high-pitched whine that he makes when someone comes or comes over and we think Hank can hear that too. It seems to wake him up out of a sound sleep sometimes!”

We are so thankful the Fredericksburg SPCA could be a part of Uncle Boris’ // Hank’s story!
We wish Elsa & Hank a happy retirement! 

If you’ve previously adopted from the FredSPCA and would like to share your ‘Happy Tails’, please email [email protected]