Pogo: One Less Leg - One More Life Saved!

Pogo came to us from a shelter in SW VA. He had experienced the unfortunate situation of having his rear leg caught in a snare-type trap and attempted to self amputate. Big yikes! Due to the municipal shelters being underfunded and understaffed, he was at risk for euthanasia due to his injuries. A small shelter in a smaller town doesn’t have big funds for a big surgery or the ability to perform this kind of care in-house. With the combined efforts of the shelter Pogo came from, the Fredericksburg SPCA, and the Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center – Pogo had a chance to rewrite his story!

His leg was unable to be saved and Pogo underwent a full amputation in our clinic. Now an official member of the tri-pawd club, this 10-year-old puppy-with-a-purpose is healin’, wheelin’ & dealin’ kisses left, right & center to everyone he meets! Three cheers for Pogo’s three legs and the village of shelters, volunteers & fosters that helped him along the way! Pogo will be available on our website soon after he heals but if you are interested in Pogo in the time being, please send an email to [email protected]!