One Year Anniversary: Mary Alice Pates

Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center has now been open and fully operational for one year. This is after a brief closure to renovate a 1200 sq. ft. expansion. The additional wing was made possible through a generous bequest from dearly departed Mary Alice Pates. The Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center’s mission is to increase access to affordable veterinary care and offer a wider range of services, such as diagnostic imaging and dental care. Now open Tuesday – Friday for appointments and twice-monthly, drop-in, exam fee-waived vaccine clinics.

“This would have never been possible without the generosity of one of our dearly beloved long-time Fred SPCA supporters, Mary Alice Pates. We have named the wing in honor of Mary Alice, now formally known as the Pates Wing,” says Carrie Withers, Executive Director at the Fredericksburg SPCA. “We are able to continue our mission of providing affordable veterinary medicine to the Fredericksburg region.”

From July 2021 – July 2022, the expansion of the Pates Wing has allowed the Fred SPCA to accomplish:
  • 4,123 Public Surgical, Sick, and Wellness Appointments
  • 3,316 Shelter Surgical, Sick, and Wellness Appointments
  • 147 Rescue Partner Surgeries Provided

The fully operational community medical center boasts a wide array of affordable veterinary services now available to pet-owning families in Virginia:

  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Dental cleaning, polishing, and extractions
  • Diagnostic testing: x-rays, ultrasounds, skin scrapes, bloodwork, and urinalysis
  • Exams for sick pets or check-ups and wellness exams
  • Affordable options for preventatives such as heartworm, flea & tick, and vaccinations

To learn more about the Fredericksburg SPCA Locke Community Medical Center, visit