Every Heart Deserves a Home

What might be the SPCA’s biggest news of the year! After a year and a half of homelessness, our beautiful brindle babe, Maxie, has found the missing piece of her heart.

She was highly intelligent, a people pleaser, and loved a good day filled with physical activity. Expectedly, an extended stay in a shelter environment led to Maxie becoming anxious and displaying some undesirable behaviors. Fred SPCA fosters Wayne and Ani began fostering Maxie back in December of 2020. They continuously worked with her to help her get her groove back and gain confidence in their home. She left their care a confident dog who mastered several commands all because of the love and time that they poured into her! We are so thankful to them for opening up their home and loving Maxie until her new dad, Zhen, came along!

Zhen, a Marine Reservist who served in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq saw Maxie listed on the Pets for Patriots website and it was love at first sight. When he reached out to us about meeting her, we explained Maxie’s history and how she can sometimes struggle with crowded places and over-stimulation. It turns out, our veteran connected with this and he was motivated to adopt a dog that shared the same challenges. It was a perfect match that was made possible by Pets for Patriots who helps veterans adopt a new companion while giving the most overlooked shelter pets hope and a home!