Apr 08 2022


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Kitten Shower: Battle of the Boybands

It’s time for the ULTIMATE showdown. Vote for your teeny-bopper crush in the BATTLE OF THE BOYBANDS: Kitten Edition. *NSYNC vs Backstreet Boys – who is the G.O.A.T.? We will be hosting an in-person Kitten Shower on April 8th where you can come to the SPCA and meet the *NSYNC and BSB kittens and vote for the band who was tearing up your heart as a teen! How do you vote? We’re glad you asked! We are in desperate need of kitten food to prepare for 400+ kittens this season, so it’s time to quit playin’ games and get some cans stocked up! 1 can of kitten food = 1 vote! 1 bag of dry food = 1 vote per lb! Can’t make it to our Kitten Shower? Purchase today until April 8th on our Amazon wishlist and either send us a screenshot or include a note on your purchase with your pick of boyband! Let your bestie know below to gather the squad because this is SERIOUS BUSINESS that we know you’ve prepared your whole young life for.