Jun 30 2021


All Day

Give Day

The Fredericksburg SPCA is proud to continue expanding our services and programs to serve the greater good! Getting through a difficult year with our mission still in mind, we have been committed to continuing our goal of becoming the premier Animal Resource Center we know that our community needs.
Through 2020 we have:

-Been a pillar of support for pet-owning families who have needed assistance through our People Empowered Through Support (P.E.T.S.) Program by offering access to our free Pet Pantry or our low-cost clinic.

-Continued the Locke Community Medical Center expansion to offer affordable veterinary services to our community and is undergoing construction so that we can offer diagnostics and surgery.

-Grown our Humane Education program to offer the “animal advocates of tomorrow” numerous opportunities for hands-on learning. In addition to our Compassionate Care Summer Camp, we now offer a Junior Volunteer Program and Animal Advocates Club.

-Rekindled our commitment to a No-Kill Virginia in 2025 and increased our foster base. We now offer monthly training, supplies, and 24-hour support. This means that we can intake more homeless animals from our transfer partners to decrease euthanasia rates in Virginia.

We are dedicated to our mission and we need your help to continue building our future within the community. This June 30th, consider making a donation to the SPCA of Fredericksburg for our Fred SPCA Give Day through our Facebook Fundraiser or create one of your own to share with your friends and family. Thank you for continuing to help us reach our goals!