Elle's Happy Tail

It’s no secret that amid a global pandemic with people being homebound now more than ever, adoptions of companion animals have increased around the nation. We are so thankful to the families who chose to add a companion by saving a life through adoption. Our Fred SPCA Alumni always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Elle, previously known to the SPCA staff as Ginger, was adopted at the height of lockdown in May of 2020. Her new parents, Lucas and Abigail were recent college graduates who knew it was time to expand their family. We caught up with the pair to see how Elle’s adoption was going, and what it was like having her companionship through the pandemic. 

What was it like adopting a dog in the middle of a pandemic?

We applied all over and eventually were led to the SPCA. We adopted Elle the day the parks reopened in D.C. and have gotten to spend most of our time with her by our side. We’re both working remotely now, and having time to spend with Elle throughout the day and then at the dog park or hiking in the evenings or on the weekends have been great ways to add structure to our days. 

What has it meant to you to have the companionship of Elle during this past year?

I honestly don’t know how we could’ve made it through the year without Elle. She has helped to give us purpose and affection during a time when it has been easy to feel helpless and bored. 

Does Elle have any favorite toys, treats, or friends?

Elle loves puzzle toys! She enjoys the challenge of trying to get the treats out. Our apartment is walkable to Rock Creek Park and a local dog park and Elle loves romping at both! She has many close friends at the dog park, many of whom she has known since May, when so many of us were adopting and introducing our dogs to others. My parents also have an 11-month chocolate lab rescue, Rori, and she is Elle’s best friend in the world. She is also soon to begin her third level of agility class — she is eager to please and has gotten quite good at most of the obstacles! Her favorite foods are peanut butter, turkey, apples, and goat’s milk yogurt. 

I see Elle has the cutest “My humans are getting married” bandanna! Any plans for her to be the flower girl?

She does! She got to participate in the engagement, will be in the engagement photos, and will certainly be a part of the wedding day. 

As workers in the animal welfare industry, our hearts melt when we receive these “happy tails” from our alumni! The human-animal bond has never seemed more important than it has in this past year, and Elle’s role in her family goes to prove it. If you would like to submit your #HappyTail, please email [email protected]!

Best family photo, ever?! We think so!