Cancer survivor. Toy connoisseur. Velvety hippo.

Whatever label you give Edward about his traits and tale up to this point in his life, there’s one thing we know for sure – Edward still needs a home. 

This 9-year-old pup came to us with a mass which our Locke Community Medical Center team removed successfully. He is still patiently waiting for someone special to connect to his story and give him a chance to live the good life for the rest of his days. His adoption fee is waived to help him find his retirement home!

So what about Edward?! He is a social & confident guy who will woo you with his personality and presence. He loves to meet new people and expects them to be as respectful of his space and things as he is to yours! His love language is expressed through play and treats, so expect to have both on hand at all times to spoil him. He will do pretty much anything for food and is eager to show you “sit” and “paw” in exchange for snacks. If you’re willing to teach this old dog new tricks, Edward will be happy to show you everything he learns.

To help transition Edward to the good life, his adopter will receive two free private training sessions through the Fred SPCA Behavior program ($180 each) or a free group class ($150). Besides having the most boopable snoot on the block, Edward loves meeting new people and makes friends easily – unless you are a cat. Apply for Edward by visiting our adoption page!