Harper & Lucinda are from the case we assisted with back in August on the Tennessee border, where 53 dogs were removed off of a property. Undersocialized and fearful, a shelter environment was no place for these beauty queens. Being placed in foster care with our #FredFosterFam has helped them blossom and feel safe! They absolutely adore being around other dogs, so if you are looking for a BFF for your BFF, these girls would be a great choice. Harper and Lucinda can go to separate homes or go together, but they must go to a home with another dog to help their confidence keep blossoming! Here’s what their foster mom had to say:

“It was such a joy to have both Harper & Lucinda with us on Christmas Day! Lucinda didn’t really understand the hype of all the toys but she started playing with them the next day. The ball is her favorite. Harper was not amused with me dressing her up as a reindeer!
Lucinda has started to come out of her shell a little more. She is Harper’s little shadow, following her everywhere! Harper has been a good leader for her. Luci will come up to me for some pets now, after she realized what a cuddle bug Harper is with me. They visited with some friends and did a couple of hikes this weekend! Harper is my explorer that loves to be outside. Lucinda prefers to let her energy out indoors, running laps around the house!
Harper & my pup, Reia have bonded so well together. I catch them cuddling quite often now. She will definitely be a hard one to let go”
You will not see Harper or Lucinda listed on the website just yet, but they are available for foster-to-adopt pending their spay surgeries! If you are interested, please reach out to us! [email protected]