Today is Maxie’s one year anniversary with the Fred SPCA. Maxie has not had luck finding a permanent home to call her own just yet, but we are certain that her people are out there. We have an average stay of 12 – 18 days for dogs, so it is not often an animal reaches this year-long milestone. As you can imagine, Maxie is ready to find a family and we are determined as ever to get her permanent placement!

Maxie has been in foster care with our Fred Foster Fam so that she can experience all of the comforts of home living while being trained one-on-one. When Maxie came to the Fred SPCA one year ago, she was easily stressed out by new environments, people, and other animals. We learned that she needed structure and stability not conducive to a shelter environment, where she could be exposed to new things and trained accordingly in a positive way.

Eager to please, and quick to learn, it did not take much for Maxie to become acclimated to her new schedule and training regime! Her foster family has dedicated themselves to her betterment, and we are so grateful to them. Because of their love and dedication, Maxie has blossomed so much and gained the confidence and tools she needs to succeed in a new home.

Besides being a beautiful brindle babe, Maxie is all about that fitness! She loves going for hikes, getting outdoors, running on treadmills, and has even been known to pull her fosters on a scooter! Her exercise isn’t just limited to the land – Maxie is a water lover as well! Whether it’s taking a dip in the river or playing in the hose while you garden. Don’t be fooled by her fitness, Maxie loves a good snack! For her year anniversary with us, her foster dad brought her by the SPCA for a play date and we had the chance to spoil her with her favorite – Cheetos!

Maxie has had many supporters along the way, one of which has sponsored her adoption fee! If you think that Maxie would be a good fit and would like to meet with her, please email [email protected] or visit our Adopt page. Even those who are unable to adopt can still help Maxie find a home by sharing her story far and wide! If you are a veteran or active-duty military, Maxie is eligible through our Pets for Patriots partnership where you will receive extra support through the program.