Can’t adopt but still want to be around animals?! Come take out a dog (or cat) for the day!
Adventure Tails is a program designed to give our animals a day off and get them out of the chaos of communal living! It gives our community the chance to get some dog-time in without the pressure of adoption!

 It provides enrichment for our dogs AND our community!

Our animals get the chance to show their personalities outside of the loud, shared environment at the center and it’s a way for us to get information that we would not otherwise get (how are they around bicycles, on a leash etc). It provides them with a day out and mental stimulation and enrichment that they do not get in the facility. By keeping their minds stimulated and their bodies active, they often have much better kennel presence which increases their chances of being adopted. Since starting the Adventure Tails Program, we have seen a 20% increase in adoptions!

It’s as simple as walking through our doors, and signing out an animal! You have to be 18+ years old with valid government ID. We always have a list of our longer term animals, or ones who would benefit most with a day out – or you can choose your own! A technician will harness and leash up the dog for you, and provide you with poop bags, a water bowl and maps of our local parks to explore!


Dogs like Hambone can get depressed at our facilities! Adventure Tails has been one of his favorite ways to get outdoors, exercise, stimulate his senses, socialize, and decompress from the chaotic environment that living in a communal shelter-like environment can often come with!