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Best Pet Insurance Companies

Pet insurance helps pet owners pay the cost of medical expenses if their pet becomes ill or has an accident. Pet insurance plans can cover routine checkups and wellness procedures, such as annual exams, spaying, neutering and more.

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    ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
    Read 742 Reviews

    This pet insurance company offers complete coverage and accident-only coverage options for dogs and cats. It also offers reimbursement for many preventative care services. Receive a 10% discount when you insure multiple pets.

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    Embrace Pet Insurance
    Read 293 Reviews

    With head-to-head comparisons available on their website, Embrace Pet Insurance demonstrates their coverage value. Their high annual limits, along with the lack of per incident maximums, makes them highly competitive.

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    AKC Pet Insurance
    Read 482 Reviews

    AKC Pet Insurance, provided by PetPartners Inc, has customizable policies designed to ease your worries about affording pet health care.

    Toll free number (866) 725-2747
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    PetFirst plans cost an average of $25 per month and puts pet owners firmly in control of their pet's health. Their Lifelong Coverage guarantee even protects pets with congenital conditions.

    Visit Website Toll free number (833) 916-1352
    Read 145 Reviews

    Offering everything from vacation cancellation protection to lost pet recovery reimbursement, Petplan takes a holistic view of animal welfare and health care. Their policies are easy to understand with listed annual maximums.

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation
    Read 122 Reviews

    Covering everything from cancer to emergency care, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation offers top-rated pet insurance policies. Their easy claims process makes getting reimbursements quick and painless.

    Prudent Pet Insurance

    Get coverage for pets of all ages and breeds. Choose your reimbursement percentage, up to 90%. Highly customizable, budget-friendly plans. Get a 10% discount for adding a second pet. 14-day waiting period before coverage begins.

    Visit Website Toll free number (773) 825-9950
    Nationwide Pet Insurance
    Read 412 Reviews

    Nationwide includes 24/7 access to trained veterinary professionals and reimbursements for covered medical costs. They offer both routine and comprehensive care options to keep care costs affordable.

    24PetWatch Pet Insurance
    Read 215 Reviews

    With a combination of lost pet recovery and pet insurance products, 24PetWatch offers a complete range of features designed to protect the health and wellness of furry family members.

    Read 215 Reviews

    Trupanion's single, easy to understand plan option with 90% reimbursement and no payout limitations make them a quick shop for pet insurance. Their prices are determined by pet demographics, not care quality.

    Figo Pet Insurance
    Read 8 Reviews

    Figo is a cloud-based pet insurance company, which makes it easy for pet owners to keep track of their veterinary visits and claim submissions. Figo offers three flexible pet insurance plans.

    Pet Assure
    Read Reviews

    PetAssure is a membership club that offers discounts on veterinary services and supplies. Using this company, members can take advantage of discounts at the vet's office rather than waiting for reimbursement from insurance.

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    PetPremium Wellness coverage starts the day after it is purchased, so pets can see the vet when they need to. Tiered pricing and low incident limits helps keep these plans affordable, along with several deductible options.

    Pets Best
    Read Expert Review

    Pets Best offers plans that pay reimbursements of up to 100%, allowing pet owners to tackle any illness/injury with confidence. Short waiting periods means pet owners can start using their coverage in days.

    HappiPets Insurance
    Read Expert Review Out Of Business

    HappiPets Insurance is an award-winning pet insurance provider. The company helps pet parents defray the cost of unexpected veterinary visits by offering reimbursements in the event of a covered illness or injury.

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      Types of pet insurance coverage

      vet holding a cat

      Basic coverage

      This traditional form of pet insurance coverage mirrors your typical human health insurance plan. It generally covers anything accidental, such as unforeseen injuries or illnesses—even poisonings. Basic coverages typically include deductibles and caps on total payouts per policy term.

      Comprehensive coverage

      While covering most everything that a traditional basic plan would cover, comprehensive takes pet insurance one step further by including preventive care (such as vet visits, X-rays and vaccinations) and prescription medicines.

      Wellness plans

      Want coverage to help finance for routine care? Then a pet wellness plan is for you, to help pay for annual exams, teeth cleanings, vaccinations and other similar preventative treatments.

      Vet packages and network plans

      Additional pet insurance-like pet products are often sponsored by veterinarians themselves or in conjunction with pet stores. For instance, certain vets will offer their customers essentially what are package deals, which provide discounts on care and checkups. Or vets and pet stores may team up to offer plans that give discounts on surgeries and care, as well as on pet food and other supplies.

      Other coverage

      For pets that are exotic or worth a lot to their owners, life and theft insurance can be bought as a separate plan. Pet owners can also consider liability coverage to protect them should their pet bite or harm another person. Typically, homeowners or renter’s insurance provides enough protection, but for certain more aggressive breeds, additional insurance may be needed.

      Pet insurance questions

      vet holding dog and cat
      What does pet insurance cover?
      Like your health insurance, pet insurance exists to make it affordable for pet owners to get their pets the medical care they need without paying exorbitant fees. It is designed to cover unexpected accidents and illnesses. The amount you’ll be reimbursed will vary depending on the plan you choose. While coverage will vary from plan to plan, here are some things that are generally covered by pet insurance:
      • Infections
      • Ear illnesses
      • Eye illnesses
      • Flea borne illnesses
      • Foreign body ingestion
      • Car accidents
      • Lacerations
      • Insect bites
      • Bone fracture or break
      What does pet insurance not cover?
      If you have pet insurance, you might assume that it will cover all medical issues and expenses, but many times it has exclusions. Here are some common things not covered by pet insurance:
      • Pre-existing conditions
      • Examination fees
      • Preventive Care
      • Cosmetic procedures
      • Owner negligence
      • Breeding costs
      How does pet insurance work?
      Pet insurance works differently than human health insurance. When visiting a veterinarian, you will pay for the services out of pocket at your appointment. After, you file a claim to get reimbursed for what is eligible. If approved, funds will be delivered to you via direct depost or by mail.
      How much is pet insurance?
      On average, expect to pay anywhere from $25–$50 per month for a comprehensive pet insurance plan that covers illnesses and accidents. Accident-only coverage only costs around $10–$20 per month. The cost of pet insurance varies according to your location, what type of pet you have, your pet's age and what type of coverage you choose. Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance also has premiums, deductibles, co-pays and maximum payouts.
      • Premium: The premium is the amount you pay monthly, quarterly or annually for your insurance policy.
      • Deductible: The deductible is the amount of the vet bills you have to reach before the insurance company starts to pay. Higher deductibles usually mean a lower premium, but more of your money is invested over the initial medical expenses.
      • Co-pay: Most insurance policies will cover only a portion of medical expenses even after you’ve met your deductible and expect you to cover a portion. For example, your policy might stipulate that you pay 20 percent and the insurance company pays 80 percent. Higher co-pays will lower your premium as well but will increase your out-of-pocket payments for each expense. When determining reimbursement, also keep in mind that some pet insurance policies pay out as a percentage of the invoice while others pay out on certain amounts for certain conditions or operations, no matter what the bill was.
      • Maximum payout: Most insurance policies will determine a maximum amount of money they will give you, whether it is a certain amount each year, per event or during the lifetime of your policy. Once it is reached, you will not receive any more money.
      • Extra costs: Pets with existing conditions or advanced age may be refused coverage or might require higher premiums to cover their medical insurance. Be sure to read carefully to determine if your pet will incur any extra costs.
      Is pet insurance be worth it?
      Pet insurance can be worth it if you anticipate having high medical costs associated with your pet. People who benefit the most from pet insurance are pet owners with older pets, first-time pet owners who appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can take their puppy or kitten to the vet without paying out-of-pocket, and owners of multiple pets who might have to pay medical expenses several times throughout a year.

      If you are getting a new pet and are concerned about what will happen if your new pet gets sick or dies soon after you bring him home, make sure to research pet purchase protection laws to see what is required in your state.

      Can you have 2 pet insurance policies?
      Yes, you can have more than one insurance policy for your pet. It is considered fraud if you don’t answer truthfully when your provider asks if you’re insured through any other networks, though.

      If you have multiple pets, you can invest in multi-pet insurance, which links all of your pet’s insurance plans together. Some providers offer a discount for multi-pet insurance plans.

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        Pet insurance company reviews

        AKC Pet Insurance

        AKC Pet insurance was founded in 2003 by John Spurling, who first offered pet insurance to the Kennel Club of Great Britain in the 1980s. The company's headquarters are now located in Seattle, Washington.

        • Flea, tick and heartworm prevention covered: AKC Pet Insurance pays all fees for flea, tick and heartworm prevention for dogs covered by their policies.
        • Multi-pet discounts: People that insurance more than one pet with AKC get a 5 percent discount on each additional pet.
        • Wide coverage: AKC covers treatment from any veterinarian, which means pet owners can take their pets to the vet of their choice.
        • No age exclusions: AKC will cover dog owners of any age, and they will not refuse insurance to dogs due to advanced age.
        • Long filing allowance: The company allows people 180 days to file their insurance claims. This ensures that people who do not have the time to file claims right away can still receive benefits for their pet.
        • Best for: Dog owners with older dogs, dog owners with multiple dogs, and dog owners who are loyal to their current vet.
        Read 482 Reviews
        ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

        With options for dogs and cats, this pet insurance company allows pet owners to visit any veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada. They have complete coverage and accident-only coverage options.

        • No networks: Unlike other insurance companies, ASPCA doesn’t work inside a network, which means you can take your dog or cat to any vet in the U.S. and Canada. This can be especially helpful for people who like to travel with their pet.
        • ASPCA claims: Claims can be submitted online, through the mobile app, by mail or by fax. You can choose to be reimbursed directly into your bank account, or you can have a check mailed to you.
        • Complete Coverage: This insurance plan covers everything when your pet is hurt or ill, including accidents, sickness, hereditary conditions and even behavioral issues.
        • Accident-only coverage: Accident-only coverage will cover exam fees, diagnostics and treatment for accidents.
        • Multi-pet discount: Save 10% when you insure multiple pets with ASPCA pet insurance. Discounts are applied automatically.
        Read 742 Reviews

        Drawing on more than 35 years of experience in the pet insurance industry, through their relationship with sister company Petplan UK, Petplan offers policies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As the insurer of choice for rescues and animal shelters nationwide, they are an industry leader in the pet insurance space.

        Read 145 Reviews

        PetPremium is an insurance company that helps pet owners ensure their pets live longer and healthier lives. It offers pet owners insurance against illness or accident so that owners don't have to pay out of pocket for vet bills.

        • Website offers pet health articles: PetPremium hires veterinarians to write articles on various aspects of pet health so that users can quickly get their questions answered.
        • Wellness coverage available: Users can purchase insurance that covers routine visits such as yearly checkups.
        • Chronic conditions may be covered: Users who have an older pet or a pet with a chronic disease can get special care covered.
        • Three levels of coverage: PetPremium offers various levels of coverage to meet different needs pet owners may have.
        • Behavioral treatments may be covered: Users who need help with their pet's behavioral problems can get coverage for specialized treatment.
        • Best for: Owners of multiple pets, people whose pet has a chronic health condition , and people who are getting their first pet.
        Pets Best

        Pets Best is a pet insurance company for dogs and cats that was founded in 2005. The company was founded by the person often considered the "father" of pet insurance in North America, Jack Stephens.

        • Free online quote: Pet owners can receive a fast and convenient quote for their pet online, hassle-free.
        • Discounts offered: Customers who choose Pets Best can take advantage of discounts for covering multiple pets with the company.
        • Dog and cat insurance: Pet owners who have both cats and dogs can cover them with one company, since Pets Best offers plans for both.
        • Insurance levels offered: The company offers three different levels of insurance at different prices, so pet owners can choose the proper amount of coverage they thing is necessary for their pet.
        • Specialized plans for special situations: Pets Best offers specialized only plans, like Cancer Only Coverage, for pet owners with pets in specific health situations.
        • Best for: Pet owners with multiple pets, pet owners with both cats and dogs , and pet owners with pets who have cancer.

        Trupanion is a pet medical insurance company founded by CEO Darryl Rawlings. The company is a founding member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) and has been publicly traded since July of 2014.

        Read 215 Reviews
        24PetWatch Pet Insurance

        24Petwatch is a company that specializes in pet protection services. The company is headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

        Read More
        Embrace Pet Insurance

        Embrace Pet Insurance is a pet insurance company that has been in operation since 2006, focusing on sustainability and providing expert pet care.

        Read More
        Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

        Since its inception in 2009, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation has been improving the health of domestic animals. They offer insurance policies and fund a foundation dedicated to providing vet care to animal rescue organizations.

        Read 122 Reviews
        Nationwide Pet Insurance

        Founded in 1982, when Veterinary Pet Insurance issued their first policy on TV star Lassie, this company has insured more than 1 million pets. Their commitment to making quality vet care affordable is backed by the financial stability of one of the world's largest insurance companies, Nationwide.

        Read 412 Reviews
        Pet Assure

        Pet Assure is a membership program that allows users to receive discounts on health care for their pets. It has been offering these discounts since 1995.

        Read More
        Figo Pet Insurance

        Figo Pet Insurance, created in 2012, is a company that provides health insurance for cats and dogs. It's the first cloud-based insurance company that offers personal Web-based tools and applications for pets and pet owners.

        Read More
        HappiPets Insurance

        Based in Indiana, HappiPets Insurance is dedicated to providing the best health care available to furry family members. The company's staff is made up of pet lovers who understand the stress that comes with vet visits, which is part of the reason for its award-winning customer service.

        • Multi-pet discounts: When furry family members are a big part of the household, it pays to get coverage for every four-legged member. HappiPets Insurance covers up to three pets under 10 years old on a single policy.
        • No incident limits: While there are annual benefit limits, there are no maximums for a specific issue. So if an accident happens, your pet can use the entire annual maximum to get the quickest possible recovery.
        • Routine care coverage: With this add-on, pets can enjoy annual preventive vet visits, flea and tick repellents, heartworm medication and behavior training.
        • No heredity exclusions: Given particular breeds are prone to developing certain illnesses, some pet insurance companies exclude coverage for things like dysplasia or cancer. With HappiPets, there are no exclusions for hereditary conditions, breed-specific diseases or chronic and congenital illnesses.
        • No exam required: Pets can enjoy coverage immediately, no matter when their last vet visit took place.
        • Best for: Dog owners, cat owners and pet rescuers.
        by Matthew Brodsky Insurance Contributing Editor

        Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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