Winter is here! And the arrival of colder weather also brings some changes to the way we care for our pets! Here are some tips and tricks to winterize your pet care routine:


11/22/2017 | Emily McDonald

1. Bring Pets Indoors

The safest place for pets during the winter months is inside! Cold/wet conditions outside can lead to illness, even death.

2. Increase Food and Water Intake

Pets burn extra calories and energy in the winter months. A well-hydrated and satiated pet has more energy! More energy means a better ability to cope with cold and keep warm!

3. Avoid Haircuts

Longer hair naturally provides more warmth.

4. Dress for Success

If it’s too cold for you, it’s likely too cold for your pet! There are a variety of coat, sweater, and bootie options to help keep pets warm.

5. Check Your Car

Under a car hood, near the warm engine, is a favorite place for cats to seek refuge in the winter. Before you start your car, give the hood a good bang to make sure you don’t catch a cat unawares.

6. Get A Checkup

Take your pet for a winter trip to your veterinarian. Cold weather can exacerbate ailments like arthritis and other medical conditions can make it more difficult for your pet to regulate their body temperate.