Who We Are


Mission: Empower our community to join us in ending animal suffering through leadership and action, engagement and learning, compassionate care and adoption, affordable veterinary medicine and resources, and by having the conversation about what it takes to change our culture for the betterment of all living beings.


Vision: The end of animal suffering.


Motto: Compassion starts here.



Respect- Everyone is different.;We embrace and celebrate that fact, and we extend respect to all.

Compassion- We see the suffering and we are doing all we can to make it better.

Kindness- We could be anything. We choose to be kind.

Integrity- Doing the right thing, even if no one is watching us.

Safety- Community safety above all.

Freedom- Providing animals freedom from pain or suffering & freedom to express themselves. Providing our community the freedom get whatever they want or need from the SPCA.

Collaboration- Working together to save more lives.

Responsibility- Being good stewards for the animals in our community and asking our community to do the same.

Authenticity- providing the best care and customer service by being our truest selves.

Optimism- Believing that we will see the end of animal suffering in our community.