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FREDERICKSBURG SPCA partners with SPOTSYLVANIA ANIMAL SHELTER to prepare for Kitten Season.

APRIL 24th, 2019— FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA – The Fredericksburg SPCA will be joining forces with the Spotsylvania County Animal Shelter to save more animals during “Kitten Season” months. March is the official start of kitten season—the time of the year when most kittens are born and Spotsylvania Animal Shelter, and shelters nationwide, are busiest with incoming newborns. Last Spring, Spotsylvania County Animal Shelter admitted 755 cats and kittens into their care with a save rate of 86%.

Just like every spring, the Spotsylvania Shelter will inevitably take in hundreds of newborn and orphaned kittens picked up by residents. “We encourage citizens not to separate kittens from the care of their mother, and rest assured that momma knows best in how to care for her young. Don’t assume kittens are abandoned. Often the mother cat is nearby, and we know that the kittens have the best chance of survival if they remain with her until they are weaned.” Said Spotsylvania Shelter Manager Toni Thomas.

Fredericksburg SPCA Executive Director Cait Daly states “The Fredericksburg SPCA is partnering with the Spotsylvania Shelter by providing foster training – along with all the supplies needed – to help orphaned kittens  grow to two pounds and eight weeks old – when they can be spayed or neutered, microchipped and adopted. During this period, kittens are easily cared for and can be housed in a spare room, laundry room or even a bathroom, before they are returned to the shelter to find their adoptive homes.”

The Fredericksburg SPCA and The Spotsylvania Animal Shelter recognize that by combining their skills, budget, and resources they are better equipped to save cats and kittens together. You can help this partnership by making a life-saving gift directly through


About The Fredericksburg SPCA
The FredSPCA is an animal resource center that serves the Rappahannock Region in Virginia. The FredSPCA’s mission is to empower our community to join us in ending animal suffering through leadership and action, engagement and learning, compassionate care and adoption, affordable veterinary medicine and resources, and by having the conversation about what it takes to change our culture for the betterment of all living beings.

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About Spotsylvania Animal Shelter
The Spotsylvania County Animal Shelter is Spotsylvania County’s only open-access, municipal shelter. With 2,000 animals entering their facility  each year, the shelter provides a safe place for dogs, cats, and small animals to stay until they are adopted. At any given time, visitors to the shelter can connect with  cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, and small animals. They have an overall live release rate of over 90% and Animal Control Officers provide animal emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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