October 16, 2019

Kelly Hunt: Sponsor

Owner, proprietor, Mason-Dixon Cafe and MD Eats (opening spring 2020)

     When asked to describe the importance of the Fred SPCA in one word, Kelly Hunt immediately responded: “COMMUNITY”. As a successful business owner, Kelly has a strong sense of how bringing people together creates success, whether it’s a restaurant or an animal welfare center. The Fred SPCA is a focus of Kelly’s charitable giving because she sees that  communal aspect in everything we do. “My favorite example of how the SPCA supports our community is, believe it or not, Adventure Tails,” she said. “Anyone can stop by the SPCA, pick up a dog or cat for the day and go off and have a great experience. Everybody wins. Having the animals out in Fredericksburg brings such high visibility to the cause, the animals get some love outside the SPCA and I bet that the people who do it get so much more out of it than they bargained for. I love coming to work and seeing Adventure Tails dogs out all over our patio. It’s fabulous.”

Another thing that comes up is how much FUN it is to partner with the Fred SPCA. “Is it bad to say that working with you guys is really fun?” Kelly laughs. I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm you guys all have for the mission. There’s such energy at the events Mason Dixon sponsors, it’s a joy to be a part of it. We love the visibility we get from sponsoring, for the best possible cause – a win-win all the way around!”

Thank you so much, Kelly, for your dedication to helping the needy animals in our community! Your support means the world!

Von Young


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