Fredericksburg's Best
Dog Walks

Fredericksburg and the surrounding counties have become an enthusiastic dog community over the years!  We wanted to share some of our favorite dog walks with you all! It’s important for dogs to experience new places, smells, and sounds for both mental and physical stimulation. An exercised dog is a happy dog! All of these spots require your dog to be leashed and cleaned up after. Please respect these spaces so we can all continue to enjoy them! Did we miss a favorite spot of yours? Share yours in a comment!

5/13/2016 | Emily McDonald

1. Alum Springs Park

One of the area’s natural gems, a beautiful getaway within the city limits. The wooded trails give easy access and beautiful views of the Springs. If your dog likes water, this is a great spot to wade and splash around. Summer is very busy with swimmers so if you prefer a more quiet, undisturbed jaunt, come here in the off-season. Greenbrier DriveFredericksburgVA 22401

2. Slaughter Pen Farm

At one time set to be sold for commercial use, this beautiful tract of farmland was preserved due to it’s historical significance. The abandoned house, barns, and outbuildings make for a picturesque backdrop as you walk this loop trail around the open fields with your pup. There is no shade on the trail so hot summer days might not be best. And if your dog spooks easily, trains frequently pass. Best for you and your furry friends to enjoy on a Fall day! 11196 Tidewater Trail, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

3. The Canal Path & Heritage Trail

Paved pup paradise – beautiful views of and access to the Rappahannock River! This 3.1 mile loop is perfect if you and your pooch are training for a 5k. Walk along the Rappahannock Canal and past Old MillPark too. There is no bleak or boring part of this walk! Be prepared to meet other walkers, runners, bikers, and dogs! Would be a great socialization spot for young pups! Trailheads located at Princess Anne Street and Ford Street intersection, and off Fall Hill Avenue. The easiest place to park is at Old Mill Park, 2200 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, VA, 22401

4. Loriella Park

Mostly known for its playground, swimming pool, and sports fields, Loriella Park has some great wooded walking trails perfect for pup walks too! The trails often intersect with the disc golf course so be respectful of the players. There is a lovely, wooded gravel path just to the right of the tennis courts and an access point for another wooded trail beside the playground. 10910 Leavells Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 

5. Patriot Park

Conveniently located behind the Ron Rosner YMCA, there is plenty of parking because of the numerous sports fields. On a Saturday morning, the area is crowded with parents and kids attending their soccer and baseball games. But the trails themselves are wooded and private. It’s rare to see another walker. This would be a good place for pups still working on their walking skills. If you go during a weekday when there are no athletic goings-on, you will be virtually alone. The trails themselves are a little bit of a maze and criss-cross one another but there are so many entrances and exits, it’s easy to get back to the main parking area and get your bearings. 5710 Smith Station Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

6. Fredericsksburg Battlefield/Lee Drive

Fredericksburg Battlefield, along with the numerous other Battlefields in the area are always great for pup walks. Either stick to the paved roadways or venture on to the wooded trails that run alongside. The Battlefields are National Parks so they are clean and safe, regularly patrolled by the Park Service. Access from Lafayette Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 or Lansdowne Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

7. Government Island

Visit the historic quarry where sandstone for the White House and Capitol Building was mined. The island is a haven for bird watchers and you’ll likely see other aquatic animals as well. The first half of the trail is handicap accessible wooden decking, the second half of the trail is more hilly and wooded. A unique and beautiful spot to have an adventure with your pup!  191 Coal Landing Road. Stafford, VA 22554

8. Dixon Park

1.5 miles of paved trails with easy access, easy parking. If you’re not interested in having to clean up after a dirty or muddy dog or check for ticks, this is a nice clean, clear space to walk. Good for families with strollers or kids with bikes, as well! 1300 Dixon Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

9. Salamander Loop Trail

Probably the least known pup walk on our list, the Salamander Loop is a quiet, easy wooded trail. Perfect for a timid dog still working on socialization and walking skills! On the weekends, this trail is very secluded so bring a buddy! There is a mostly flat, gravel trail around the pond that would be easy for kids to walk too. The trailhead is tucked behind the Spotsylvania County School Board building. 8110 River Stone Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Alum Springs Park