August 29, 2019

Fabulous Forrest

In April, we received a request to transfer an abandoned kitten from one of our partner shelters in need. She was a palm sized floof who’s small stature and mighty purrs could win anyone over. Upon her intake exam, Animal Care Technicians noted Forrest did not seem to be using her back legs. She was immediately escalated to our Veterinary team through the FredSPCA Kinchloe Community Medical Center where they assessed her to have a shortened hind leg deformity. She was placed into a home with our #FredFosterFam with the goal of trying to strengthen Forrest back legs with Physical Therapy as she grew.

 While Forrest seems to have gained some strength and feeling in her hind limbs, her subsequent follow up appointments with our partner Veterinarian, Dr. Coleman determined she was likely going to remain a paraplegic for life. This means that Forrest is incontinent, and will have to be in kitty diapers with a caregiver who is committed to the time, effort and care required for a special needs kitten like Forrest. Bonus, you can totally match her diapers for the season, and we hear Fall is making an appearance full force a little early this year (we’re looking at you, Pumpkin Spice Lattes – and we are NOT mad about this) 

Forrest’s foster family purchased and donated a mini wheelchair, after she outgrew one made from PVC pipe by one of our veteran volunteers! Her foster mom reports that Forrest is happy, and since she has always known the two-legged life, she has adapted and knows no different. What we see as special needs, Forrest sees as normal life, and it doesn’t slow her down.

“Her chair hinders her mobility so she doesn’t like it.  As you can see she is very mobile without it and loves dogs and cats!!  She climbs stairs and onto my couch. She is pretty awesome!! Forrest literally zooms up those stairs when she knows I am trying to put her in her room for bedtime. She is also lightning fast on the floor!  When she has the chair she can’t climb onto the couch or get in her small box or go behind the couch so she just hates it. She is also really good about letting me put her diaper on now. She loves to play and hangout. She is soooo social and loving, and her motor never stops.”


Forrest has a lot of people in her corner who are cheering her on, but the fact remains that Forrest’s prognosis is still a guarded one, and that a shelter environment is no place for a kitten with needs like hers. The Fredericksburg SPCA runs on a small budget which is raised entirely by fundraising within the community through the year. While we would like to help a million and one Forrests’, the reality is we do not have a budget for special needs animals like her. There will always be an outlier of animals who come through our doors and will require more of us than we have to give, and we will always do as much as we can. We are truly humbled by the gifts of the community so that we can save more lives and help animals like Forrest. Please consider a donation to fund the future of this life saving work! 

If you would like to adopt Forrest, please email to inquire! We would like to see Forrest go into a home to grow up in as soon as possible! We of course want to see her go into a home that is dedicated to the level of care she will require, so we are offering a 4 week Foster-To-Adopt period with a two and four week examination performed by our vet for a check up and to offer coaching about her condition.

Von Young


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