The Fredericksburg SPCA has been monitoring the Coronavirus Pandemic closely, and will continue to remain closed until April 23rd for the continued safety of our community.

During these unprecedented times, we have had to make some swift changes to ensure we can continue saving lives.  We can assure you, we are working tirelessly and continuing to do adoptions virtually.


There may NEVER be a better opportunity to adopt a new pet as we are all struggling being at home – schedule your appointment by emailing us at You can view available animals, and also fill out the adoption survey at

We promise, emails are being checked daily, and answered in the order they are received. We appreciate your continued patience and support. Afterall, it takes a village to save the lives of these animals.


We want to thank the Fredericksburg SPCA’s amazing foster community, who  was able to nearly clear the entire shelter last week in preparation for quarantine! 


We are doing everything we can to be here for our community.  It’s up to us to provide food and supplies to all of our foster families, and as you can imagine right now that’s a huge deal for us. 


In addition to that, we keep a Pet Pantry on hand at the SPCA to help families care for their pets that are in need of some temporary assistance. If you find yourself in need, visit

We depend on donations of food to keep that going – to view our current list of items needed please visit us on our website at and you will find a link to our Amazon Wishlist.


These are some turbulent times here at the Fredericksburg SPCA and we have many unknowns. Now MORE THAN EVER we need your financial support to help keep our doors open. We have to pay our employees, mortgage, utilities, purchase medical supplies and the list goes on. So PLEASE if you are in a position to help keep our doors open here at the Fredericksburg SPCA please donate TODAY at


These are trying times throughout our country and we know that there are a lot of worthy causes out there in need of your support. THANK YOU for including the Fredericksburg SPCA in your charitable giving. Your support means more than we say – we’re profoundly grateful. Everyone be well. Thanks again. 


Carrie Withers

Carrie Withers

Executive Director

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  1. How can i help? Of course money is tight but im open to fostering if possible. I have 2 babies (dogs) of my own, my husband is allergic to cats but there is any way my husband and I can help, please let us know


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